Brexit Time

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The result of the United Kingdom referendum on 23 June 2016 to end the UK’s membership of the European Union had immediate repercussions across the UK, the EU and internationally. As the dust begins to settle, attention is now naturally drawn to understanding why this momentous decision came about and how and when the UK will leave the EU. What are the options for the new legal settlements between the UK and the EU? What will happen to the current political landscape within the UK in the time up to and including its exit from the EU? What about legal and political life after Brexit? Within a series of short essays, Brexit Time explores and contextualises each stage of Brexit in turn: pre-referendum; the result; the process of withdrawal; rethinking EU relations; and post-Brexit. During a time of intense speculation and commentary, this book offers an indispensable guide to the key issues surrounding a historic event and its uncertain aftermath.

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About the Author

The book and the blog are both written by Kenneth Armstrong, Professor of European Law at the University of Cambridge and Director of its Centre for European Legal Studies. His writings on Brexit have been widely quoted in the media, and his commissioned evidence to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee features prominently in its report on the implications of a ‘No Deal’ under the Article 50 negotiations. He is a fellow of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge and editor in chief of the Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies.

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