Brexit’s Bitter Pill – How Significant Was the Government’s Defeat on the Trade Bill Amendment?

With the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 gaining Royal Assent on 26 June 2018, the focus in the UK Parliament has turned to the scrutiny and amendment of the Government’s Taxation (Cross-Border Trade) Bill (aka the ‘Customs Bill’) and its Trade Bill. In votes on amendments to the Trade Bill in the House of Commons [...]

Now is not the time for a ‘least worst’ Brexit – it’s time for a referendum on Brexit itself

There are 340 days to go until the UK leaves the EU. The time remaining for the UK and EU to negotiate a withdrawal agreement is even less than that. Domestic legislation still needs to be passed to retain EU law in national law. Time will also be needed to give domestic legal effect to [...]

A Customs Union Without a Single Market : Is Corbyn’s Position Credible?

In speeches this week, the Leader of the Opposition and the Prime Minister are setting out their visions for the UK’s future relationship with the EU. Things got underway today with Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn announcing that Labour would press for the UK to remain in the Single Market and a Customs Union with the EU [...]

Does the Validity of the Article 50 Letter Depend Upon the Existence of a Formal ‘Decision’?

Back in June 2017, I wrote something for the UK Constitutional Law Association Blog addressing the argument that the Article 50(2) TEU notification was invalid due to the lack of a ‘decision’ to withdraw in terms of Article 50(1). For the reasons I gave then, I found the argument misguided. But it is an argument [...]

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