Why is the Government Already Thinking about Amending the UK Internal Market Act?

After a swift parliamentary process, the United Kingdom Internal Market Act (UKIM Act) was granted Royal Assent on 17th December 2020 and came into force as the ‘transition period’ following the UK’s departure from the EU came to an end on 31 December 2020. Both the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Senedd withheld their legislative consent to the Act, citing the ability... Continue Reading →

An Uneven ‘Level Playing Field’ – the EU/UK Trade Agreement

A week before the expiry of the transition period, the EU and UK announced they had finalised the terms of a Trade and Cooperation Agreement (‘TCA’). Legislation – the European Union (Future Relation) Act 2020 – was rushed through the UK Parliament in a single day to give domestic legal effect to the Agreement while for the EU, the... Continue Reading →

Food for Thought – Cooperation Versus Competition in the UK Internal Market: Part II

We have all become familiar with labels on food packaging that tell us how many calories and how much fat, carbohydrate, protein and salt a product contains. The intention behind this type of information regulation is to give consumers a basis for making choices about the types of food they want to consume.  Food labelling... Continue Reading →

Managing Regulatory Divergence through Intergovernmental Cooperation – Common Frameworks and the Threat of the Internal Market Bill: Part I

The controversial United Kingdom Internal Market Bill ‘UKIM Bill’) continues to attract public attention. On 9 November, the House of Lords voted to remove provisions in Part 5 of the Bill that would permit UK ministers to adopt regulations in breach of commitments made in the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement and more especially the provisions on the Protocol on Northern... Continue Reading →

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